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"Jonathan Bosazza's team was professional and friendly. A pleasure to work with - particularly impressive in such a remote context where many services "fall apart". He managed to deliver a quality product and he was able to work comfortably within a remote rural environment. The roof of the hall that Jonathan and his team worked on is an impressive structure. It is simply a work of art, topping off what must be the largest traditional style rondavel on the entire Wild Coast!"

Sonja Giese
Director, Bulungula Incubator, Eastern Cape

Roofing Company - Eastern Cape

Thatch Roof Conversions & Roofing Solutions

Cintsa Thatching are specialists in the installation of a diverse range of roofing solutions onto roofs being converted from thatch as well as building and roofing new structures.

For several years Cintsa Thatching have been looking for an alternative roofing solution to convert thatched roofs to, without stripping the entire roof structure and creating disruptive building work in the home.

In 2013 Cintsa Thatching became the official applicator of Onduline and Onduvilla in the Eastern Cape. Both products are flexible roofing solutions which can accommodate the curves and contours of a thatched roof structure. Cintsa Thatching have worked with these products for several years to perfect a method of applying the roofing to existing thatched roof structures which create stunning roofs with minimal maintenance.

Onduvilla Roofing

Onduline Roofing

Onduline is a flexible, corrugated roof sheeting made from bitumen saturated organic fibres. The roof sheeting is highly cost effective, available in four colours and perfect for installation on roof structures which have been converted from thatch, combination roofs with thatch and onduline, overlaying on thatch and new roofs on a budget. Read more...

Onduvilla Roofing, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Onduvilla Roofing

Onduvilla is a premium roofing tile which is coloured using a shading technique leaving every tile unique and giving a stunning, mediteranean aesthetic to the roof. Available in four colours, Onduvilla is perfect for use on roofs converted from thatch, lapa & entertainment areas and new, lightweight roof structures. Read more...

The following roofing solutions require either the building of a totally new roof structure or adaptations of the existing structure:

Tiled roofing, Eastern Cape, South Africa Tile Roofing

In contrast to the roofing solutions above, tiles are heavier and not flexible in their design. For thatch roofs to be converted to tiles it is essential to re-build or adapt the structure to hold the tiles, ensuring clean, straight lines and angles. There is a wide range of tile shapes and thicknesses available to suit your preference. Find out more...

Zinc Roofing, Eastern Cape, South Africa Zinc Roofing

Zinc is a popular roofing product because of it's cost effective, minimal maintenance nature. The corrugated sheeting can be appplied to a lightweight roof structure.


Cintsa Thatchings' experienced roofing team have been commissioned to build and fit roofing of all shapes and sizes, in a diverse range of roofing products. If you are unsure what kind of roofing is most suitable for you, Jonathan will asses your roof and design, and recommend the best roofing material for your situation.

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