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◊ Goegap Nature Reserve | Northern Cape, South Africa

Cintsa Thatching was commissioned to thatch various buildings and centres in Goegap Nature reserve in the Northern Cape. This included:

The Entrance Gate and Reception Area

Goegap thatching project - entrance gateGoegap thatching project - entrance gateGoegap thatching project reception area Goegap thatching project - reception area

Two Family Camp cottages which were also protected from the local wildlife by covering the thatch with a layer of hex-net.

Goegap thatching project - family camp cottageGoegap thatching project - hex-net fitted over thatch roof

The Group Camp which consists of several smaller accommodation units, shared ablution block, communal braai area and meeting room.

Goegap thatching project - group campGoegap Thatching Project - group camp thatched roofsGoegap Thatching Project - group camp braai area Goegap Thatching Project - Group Camp Meeting Room thatched roof

The Conference Buildings: two large rectangular buildings on either side of a large rondavel.

Goegap thatching project - conference centreGoegap thatching project - conference centre thatched roofsGoegap Thatching Project - conference centre thatched roofs Goegap thatching project - conference centre thatched roofsGoegap thatching project - thatched rondavel conference centre Goegap thatching project - internal view of the conference buildingsGoegap Thatching Project - hex-net protecting thatched roofs Goegap Thatching Project - thatched rondavel capping

The Trail Camp: two large thatched rondavels situated further into the reserve.

Goegap thatching project - trail camp Goegap thatching project - trail camp rondavelsGoegap Thatching Project - trail camp thatch thickness

Cintsa Thatching was also asked to completed remedial work on the thatched roof of the admin block which had been thatched and built to dangerous standards by another contractor. Once remedial work was completed the building was able to be signed off and used once again.

The Admin block at Goegap thatching projectGoegap thatching project - admin block thatched roof

The total value of work completed at Goegap was over R 2 000 0000.00