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"As a foreigner in South Africa, I have built a hunting farm in the Eastern Cape. I have in this regard met many craftsmen but Cintsa Thatching was of all by far the most professional company. Jonathan has advised, built and serviced us beyond our expectations. I can recommend this company to anyone who wants top quality from a supplier who delivers what they promise."

Malpepo Safaris, Eastern Cape
June 2012

Cintsa Thatching Background

Established in 1999, Cintsa Thatching soon became one of the most successful thatching companies in the Eastern Cape. Demand for our high quality thatching work has led to contracts being awarded nationwide.

Cintsa Thatching has a team of quality thatchers, many of whom have worked with the company since its Eastern Cape beginnings in 1999. Through careful training in thatching and construction and with a wealth of experience, this team of workers has developed an excellent quality of construction and
service. Cintsa Thatching prides itself in providing outstanding service, quality, after sales service and cost effectiveness.

Cintsa Thatching is headed up by Jonathan Bosazza who is based in East London. With 15 years of experience as a thatching and pole contractor he has an excellent knowledge base & a high level of thatching & building skills which reflect in both quality of work & reputation in the Eastern Cape area.

Cintsa Thatching team thatching a roof renovation

Jonathan is intricately involved in all facets of the business and his hands on approach make the company what it is today. His creative thought processes mean that he is able to advise each customer on the appropriate way to approach things & will help them to come up with the best option for their needs, ensuring that each structure is exactly what they want and of the highest quality.

Cintsa Thatching Ethos

High quality thatching by Cintsa Thatching

Cintsa Thatching has developed various innovative techniques to extend the lifespan of thatched roofs. We use the best quality Cape Reed (Thamnocortus Insignis) or Hyperhinia Herta depending on the location and environmental conditions of each job, and a selection of poles depending on requirements.

All Cintsa Thatchings roofs are built according to our engineers design and specifications. Our engineer, based in East London, is one of a few in South Africa that specializes in thatch pole constructions. All workmanship carries a guarantee.

Cintsa Thatching refuses to cut corners or costs, all of our work is completed to the highest quality possible which reflects in our stunning finishes and sturdy structures. If you are looking for a cheap fix, Cintsa Thatching is not the company for you.

Thatchers Association of South Africa (TASA)

Before TASA there was no regulating body to supervise or oversee the thatching industry- this meant that contractors of sub-standard skill were able to practice alongside the rest and had no-one to answer to. The Association today aims to provide both contractors and customers with guidelines as to the expected construction standards, quality and ethics that should be practiced by contractors, to achieve a strong basic standard for the industry as a whole.

Thatchers Association of South Africa (TASA)

Cintsa Thatching is a full member of TASA and all work carried out is done to TASA specifications. TASA gives sound advice to customers who are choosing a thatching contractor. Click here to read an article by TASA with advice on choosing the right thatching contractor.

Cintsa Thatching has had a lot of experience in fixing sub-quality workmanship - to ensure that you get a quality structure and roof which will provide problem free roofing for as long as possible, we advise that you take the advice of TASA in choosing your contractor. The cheapest is often not the best and although it may seem alright at the time, cheap structures where contractors cut corners, will encounter problems in the future.

Cintsa Thatching logo Cintsa Thatching is "Naturally the Best" and is the number one choice in the Eastern Cape. We cater for Thatch Lapas, Thatch Houses and Lodges, Maintenance of Thatch Roofs and Thatch Roof Renovations. Over the years our experienced roofing team have diversified to include the fitting of other Roofing Products such as tile, onduline and zinc.

Building and Renovation work now available from Cintsa Thatching

Cintsa Thatching also does building work As our skilled team has developed and grown, our strong reputation for quality work has resulted in requests for work outside of the roofing arena. Cintsa Thatching has a experienced builder as an integral part of our team which has enabled us to diversify further and add Building an Building Alterations to the services available. This also means that all facets of any construction job - from beginning to end - can be completed by Cintsa Thatching.This includes electrical work, plumbing, custom building & installation of windows and brick work, down to the finest finishing jobs with quality fixtures and fittings.

This ensures the easiest possible experience for the customer and the highest quality finish available.

Cintsa Thatching can provide examples of previous work completed all over the Eastern Cape as well as referrals from previous customers. To go directly to our gallery of recent work click here or contact us and ask for a quotation now.