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Cintsa Thatching provides full thatch fire protection services on both new & existing thatched roofs.

Why Protect your Thatch Roof from Fire?

Methods of Thatch Fire Protection:

Fire Protection can be enhanced by using one of the above methods of protection in conjunction with lightning conductor masts and/ or a sprinkler system fitted at the top level of the roof.

Thatch Fire Retardant Spray

Fire Retardant Spray for Thatch Roofs

Cintsa Thatching is an approved applicator of Thatch Marshall 8000, a fire retardant spray created specifically to protect thatch roofs from fire. This water-based formula is applied to the thatch internally and externally and, whilst not preventing a flame from catching, drastically reduces the chances of the fire growing and the rate of growth.


Additional benefits:
- inhibits the growth of fungus & bacteria which cause allergies and sinus problems
- binds the thatch together making monkey and bird damage less likely
- seals the thatch and prolongs the life of the roof

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Thatch Fire Retardant Blanket

Fire Retardant Membrane for Thatch Roof

The Cintsa Thatching team are fully trained in the application of a thatch fire blanket which is woven into the roof as it is being thatched. The blanket is a membrane which sits between the layers of thatch and prevents the spread of fire. Once installed the fire retardant blanket is not visible from inside or outside of the building.


Additional benefits:
- perforated fire blanket allows for the airation of thatch preventing rotting and fungal growth
- dust is prevented from falling from the roof as thatch ages

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Cintsa Thatching can provide a certificate for the application of these
Thatch Fire Protection products.

Thatch Roof Lightning Protection
Thatch Roof Fire Protection - Thatch Lightning Conductors

The installation of lightning conductors is recommended to protect a thatch roof from lightning strikes and the ensuing damages. Some municipalities and insurers may insist on this type of thatch fire protection. Cintsa Thatching can recommend Lightning Protection services on request.



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