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"We had our bed and breakfast cottages and dinning room thatched in 2007 by Cintsa Thatching.
The work was carried out professionally and supervised constantly. The after sale service is prompt and efficient. The best Cape Reed thatch was used to complete the job.
We highly recommend Jonathan and his crew anytime."

Paul and Christine
Europa Inn B&B, East London



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Cintsa Thatching has 10+ years experience in designing, building and thatching thatch roofs on houses large and small, lodges, B&B's and inns. We pride ourselves in high quality structures, no cutting corners or costs, beautiful finishes and cost effectivness for each and every thatch roof.

All structures are overseen by our engineer, based in East London, who specialises in pole structures. All thatch roofs and supporting structures are built with quality materials and to the specifications of TASA. All thatch roofs are beautifully finished with neat polework, varnishing and outstanding thatching, and all thatch roofs carry a guarantee.

Cintsa Thatching specializes in custom built thatch roofs of any shape and size. We complete a job from start to finish all the way from the creative design stage, pole structure construction, thatching, capping and finishing as well as any brick-work, plastering and painting necessary. Fire Protection for thatch roofs is also available.

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Thatch roofs by Cintsa Thatching - design by Cintsa Thatching Thatch roofs by Cintsa Thatching Thatch roofs by Cintsa Thatching

Why Choose Thatch Roofs?

Thatch roofs by Cintsa Thatching Thatch roofs by Cintsa thatching Thatch roofs by Cintsa Thatching

Thatch Roofs: Know How...

The structure of thatch roofs will last forever and the thatch should generally last between 20-30yrs if built to correct SABS specifications - dependent on the thatch type used and local climate (thatch roofs situated in harsh environments are likely to have a shorter lifespan). It is however important to maintain thatch roofs properly. Brushing thatch roofs every 5-8yrs, cutting back any trees which hang over thatch roofs and ensuring suitable drainage is installed initially, will all help to prevent premature rotting of the thatch. Applying fire protection to thatch roofs can also extend the lifespan. Without this vital maintenance thatch roofs will not last their maximum lifespan. Click here to read more on thatched roof maintenance.

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