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"Jonathan did an excellent job in repairing leaks and re-thatching parts of my house. After trying several other companies over a few years timeframe, I can honestly say that he did the best job of them all."

Noel Vagenaar
Maclear Manor B&B, Eastern Cape

"Dear Jonathan, This is to thank you again for the fantastic service received from Cintsa Thatching.
The original maintenance work that Cintsa Thatching completed on my thatched roof was done in a most professional manner and solved problems that could not be fixed by two other thatching companies. The follow-up work was completed in the same manner - a guarantee by Cintsa Thatching is a guarantee that is honored. It is a pleasure doing business with you.
Kind regards"

Callie van Biljon
Sasol Technology (Pty) Ltd

Thatched Roof

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A thatched roof needs consistent maintenance to prolong the life of the roof. As well as general degredation of the thatch which happens over time, common problems in thatched roofs which require maintenance include damage caused by monkeys, birds and overhanging trees as well as leaks and rotting often caused because the roof was improperly thatched and built in the first place.

Unsure what the problem is with your thatched roof?

Our article "5 Common Problems with Thatched Roofs" gives an insight into some of the common problems that can cause a thatch roof to leak. Find out the symptoms, more about the problem itself and possible solutions to get the roof back into working order.

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Cintsa Thatching can assess any thatched roof and offer a quotation that covers all required maintenance: brushing, drainage systems, patching & re-thatching and capping. A long term maintenance plan can also be put together to prevent future problems in a thatched roof and ensure that regular maintenance is carried out.

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Thatched Roof Maintenance explained:

Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance
Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance

Brushing a Thatched Roof

This is the most regular maintenance a thatched roof usually requires. The top layer of thatch on any thatched roof rots over time. This layer of rotten thatch needs to be brushed off every 5-8yrs to ensure no deeper rotting and thatch degeneration. When a thatched roof is originally built the thickness of the thatch should always allow for this maintenance. After years of brushing, a thatched roof will reach a minimum thickness and wires will be exposed - this indicates that no more brushing maintenance can be done and it is time to re-thatch.

For a more indepth explanation of brushing (or combing), why, when and how it needs to be done read our recent article "Thatch Maintenance Explained - Brushing a Thatch Roof".

Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance
Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance

Thatched Roof Valleys &
Drainage Systems

A common maintenance problem in thatched roofs is lack of drainage which leads to premature rotting and leaks. Often these problem areas appear where thatch meets from several directions (in a corner for example) or if there is an overhang (one thatched roof above another). In some cases no allowance for drainage was made in the original build or the thatched roof valleys were not fitted adequately.

Cintsa Thatching has developed a time proven maintenance method to fix these problems which allows maximum water drainage in all the right places. When assessing a thatched roof for maintenance Cintsa Thatching will incorporate the fitting of thatch valleys if neccessary.

Parapet Wall Drainge
Drainage of parapet walls is a common problem in thatch roofs and if not addressed properly there are often leaks where the thatch meets to wall. Read our article "A Solution to Parapet Wall Drainage on Thatch Roofs" for more information on the problem and the best solution.

Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance
Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance

Re-Thatching & Patching

In some cases when carrying out maintenance on a thatched roof extra thatch needs to be added to patch thin spots. In extreme cases or on an old and thin roof, brushing and patching is not enough and the roof must be re-thatched. Cintsa Thatching refuses to brush and patch a roof if it is ready to be re-thatched - patching the problem will not solve it and Cintsa Thatching will not provide a guarantee for the maintenance if it has been recommended that the roof be re-thatched rather than patched.

Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance
Cintsa Thatching - Thatched Roof Maintenance
Thatched Roof Capping

The capping (or ridging) on a thatched roof can be a problem area. Sometimes the concrete mixture is not made to the correct specifications originally and the capping can crack and cause endless maintenance problems. Cintsa Thatching uses the correct specifications to mix the capping concrete, the capping is then sealed with membrane and finally an additional sealant is added for total strength and protection against leaks.
Over time or due to bird and animal damage, thatch may become loose around the top capping area. Cintsa Thatching will quote to fill these areas on a thatched roof and repair/ replace cappings if neccessary.

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