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Cintsa Thatching are a Thatch Supplier based near East London, Eastern Cape.

We supply Hyparrhenia Hirta and Cape Reed Thatch.

Thatch Suppliers - Hyperhinia Herta Thatch Suppliers - Cape Reed

Thatch Suppliers - Hyparrhenia Hirta

Price per bundle: dependant on size of order
(the larger the order the less paid per bundle)

Thatch Grass Specs.:
- Life Span: 20-30 years (if thatched &
compacted to the correct specifications laid out
by TASA)
Durability: Very well suited to coastal
conditions but not as wind resistant as Cape Reed
- Colour: light yellow
- Harvesting: Hyparrhenia Hirta is harvested annually after the first or second frosts which cure the thatch and prevent fungal and insect infestations. An indication that this grass is
the correct maturity is that the seed heads
have all fallen off
- Thatch Supplier: based in Mphumalanga our thatch supplier provides the highest quality of hyparrhenia hirta available. Quality is very important with hyparrhenia as the quality of
grass sold by suppliers varies enormously. Cintsa Thatching only buys thatch from one supplier having created a partnership with a previously empoverished black woman - promoting the empowerment of this supplier
is not difficult as her thatch is consistently of
the highest quality

Thatch Suppliers - Cape Reed

Price per bundle: dependant on size of order (the larger the order the less paid per bundle)

Thatch Reed Specs.:
- Life Span: 20-30 years with a longer lifespan expected inland away from harsh coastal climates (if thatched & compacted to the correct specifications laid out by TASA)
- Durability: the solid core of Cape Reed means less chance of bending when compacted & less chance of wind damage. Cape Reed is a very sturdy reed and is less susceptible to damage than other reeds in the harsh coastal climates of South Africa
- Colour: rich golden brown
- Harvesting: Cape Reed is harvested every 3-6 years. Harvesting the reed promotes growth & improves the quality of the stalks
- Thatch Supplier: based in Albertina our thatch supplier has supplied Cintsa Thatching with great quality thatch for over 5 years. A common problem with Cape Reed suppliers is that they harvest the reed before it is mature which reduces the lifespan of the thatch enormously. Our suppliers are an old family run business and guarantee that our reed is harvested at the correct time and is therefore of great quality and with an expected maximum lifespan

Quality: All thatch supplied by Cintsa Thatching is guaranteed quality & has been subjected to random bundle inspection on delivery from suppliers

Delivery: Available nationwide at an additional cost.

Recycled thatch also supplied at a reduced cost.

For advice on which thatch type is most suited to your needs call our
thatch supplier Jonathan on 082 780 5725.

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