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"This letter serves as a reference for Cintsa Thatching.
Cintsa Thatching was my specialist roofing sub-contractor on the Nedbank/Old Mutual Financial Services Centre in Centani, Eastern Cape. This eight building precinct was completed in 2008.
I dealt directly with Jonathan Bosazza throughout this ground breaking project. I was singularly impressed by the professional conduct of Jonathan and his team and in particular their expertise in both pole construction and wattle and daub. In spite of severe delays caused by inclement weather, Cintsa Thatching continuously met my demands for both quality and time since the contract deadlines were not negotiable in terms of the client’s opening needs.
I have no hesitation to recommend Cintsa Thatching. Please do not hesitate to call me."

Vernon Collis
Collis & Associates, Sustainable Engineering and Architecture Collis

Cintsa Thatching is one of the most reputable thatching companies in the Eastern Cape - highly experienced in managing and facilitating large thatching projects

Cintsa Thatching works on commercial, residential and government thatching projects and over the years have built a reputation as one of the best thatching companies in South Africa.

Cintsa Thatching has completed thatching projects at:

We are available to work nationwide on large projects, and have the infrastructure, equipment and trained staff to enable us to work at an effective pace even in area's which are difficult to reach, have limited or no electricity or are difficult to access.

See some examples of the large contracts that we have completed in the articles below:

Cintsa Thatching: Company Project Portfolio - Large Thatching Contracts

◊ Mvezo Cultural Development | Birth Place of Nelson Mandela | Eastern Cape, South Africa
Mvezo Cultural Development Thatching
Cintsa Thatching has worked with the Mvezo Development Trust and PFT Consulting on thatched roofs of various areas of the Mvezo Cultural Development since 2011 to the present date. Work reaches the approximate value of over R 5 000 000.00 on a range of thatching, polework, building, decking and finishing. Read more...

◊ Goegap Nature Reserve | Springbok, Northern Cape, South Africa
Goegap Thatching Project - Northern Cape, South Africa Goegap Thatching Project - Northern Cape South Africa In 2013 the Cintsa Thatching team completed a large thatching project at Goegap Nature Reserve in Springbok. All polework and thatching was completed on various thatched buildings across the reserve. The value of the contract was over R 2 000 000.00. Read more...

◊ Silaka Nature Reserve | Eastern Cape, South Africa
Silaka Thatching Project - Eastern Cape, South Africa Silaka Thatching Project - Eastern Cape, South Africa
In 2013 Cintsa Thatching striped and rethatched all accommodation units at Silaka Nature Reserve for the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Association (ECPTA). The work completed reached to the value of around R 1 000 000.00. Read more...

◊ Side by Side Safari Lodge & Homestead | Somerset East, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Side By Side Safari Lodge Thatching Project - Eastern Cape, South Africa
Since 2012 Cintsa Thatching has been the thatching contractor at Side By Side Safari Lodge near Somerset East in the Eastern Cape. The project is ongoing as the Lodge grows. To date the polework and thatching at the lodge reaches the value of approximately R 600 000.00. Read more...

◊ Wonkmuntu Conference Centre | Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Mthatha Thatching Project, Eastern Cape In 2012 Cintsa Thatching was commissioned to build the polework structure and thatch the roof of a new conference centre on the outskirts of Mthatha. The work completed at the centre came to the value of approximately R 650 000.00. Read more...

◊ Mthatha Dam Conference Centre & Gate House
Mthatha Dam Thatching Project - Eastern Cape, South Africa
In 2011 Cintsa Thatching won the tender to construct and thatch a highly engineered roof for the new conference centre at Mthatha Dam, under main contractor UWP Construction. Later in the project a thatched gated entrance was also added to the centre. The value of the work was approximately R950 000.00. Read more...

◊ Queen Nonesi Lodge | Eastern Cape, South Africa
Queen Nonesi Thatched Lodge, Eastern Cape
2008 saw Cintsa Thatching working under project manage Finn Weakley to build and thatch the new roofs at Queen Nonesi Lodge. The project reached the value of approximately R 500 000.00. Read more...

◊ Nyandeni Cultural Centre | Eastern Cape, South Africa
Nyandeni Thatching Project - Thatched Conference Centre Eastern Cape
In 2008 Cintsa Thatching worked with UWP Consulting in the building of the second roof at Nyandni Cultural Centre. The value of the work completed reaches approximately R250 000.00. Read more...

◊ King Sandiles Cultural Centre | Eastern Cape, South Africa
Cultural Centre Thatching Project in the Eastern CapeIn 2005 Cintsa Thatching worked with project leader Mondi Makhandule in the construction and thatching of all roofs at the King Sandiles Cultural Centre. The value of the work completed on the project reaches approximately R 1 400 000.00. Read more...

Hire One Contractor

If required, Cintsa Thatching can quote to complete large contracts as a whole with thatching, building, decking, tiling, electrical and plumbing work included, ensuring minimal stress for the client and a well organised, efficient project site.

Our Experience

Cintsa Thatching have been contracted to take over from other, less experienced thatching and construction companies who have been hired to complete challenging, highly engineered thatching projects, without the appropriate knowledge and experience.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, the finest finishes and structures and the ability to build structures according to detailed technical plans.

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