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◊ Mvezo Cultural Development | Eastern Cape, South Africa

Mvezo Cultural Development thatching project

Cintsa Thatching has worked for the Mvezo Development Trust since 2011 in developing the thatched buildings and roofs at the Mvezo Cultural Centre in the former Transkei region of the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

2011 saw the building of two huge roofs with curved pole structures and curved ridges at the top of the roofs. These two roofs make up the Multi-purpose Centre and the Tribal Court at Mvezo. As well as building and thatching these roofs, Cintsa Thatching completed the supporting building work including: setting the concrete ring beam, building up the gable ends, plastering all building work, painting and finishing.

Mvezo Thatching Project - large curved thatch roofMvezo Mutli-Purpose Centre thatched roof

In 2013 Cintsa Thatching was commissioned to build and thatch the remaining roof in this section of the Cultural Centre - the admin block.

Mvezo admin block thatched roofMvezo thatching project - large thatched roofs

Additional work was also completed in this section of the development - the decking team built a deck around the front of the buildings, added latha cladding, ceilings and rustic finishes to the buildings.

Decking work at Mvezo Thatching ProjectLatha Ceilings at Mvezo Thatching ProjectLatha cladding at Mvezo thatching project Rustic thatch finishes at Mvezo thatching project
In 2012 Cintsa Thatching was commissioned to build and thatch roofs on the accommodation rondavels at the Interpretative Centre at Mvezo. The rondavels have a stunning design with the roof poles reaching the floor and fibre-glass cappings fitted to ensure plenty of light in the circular buildings.

Thatched rondavels with fibreglass cappings at MvezoInternal view of the fibreglass capping on Mvezo thatched rondavels

To follow this in 2013 the Amphitheatre was thatched in the same section of the Cultural Centre. The amphitheatre was built in metal by engineers and thatched by Cintsa Thatching.

Metal framework of Amphitheatre before thatchingThatched amphitheatre at MvezoInternal view of the amphitheatre in Mvezo

Also in 2013 Cintsa Thatching was commissioned to completed the building and thatching of the roofs at the Self-Catering section of the Cultural Centre - both the units and the walkways were completed by Cintsa Thatching.

Self Catering units at Mvezo thatching projectMvezo Self Catering section in the thatching project

Fire protection has also been applied to all of the thatched roofs by way of a fire retardent spray.

In 2014 Cintsa Thatching also completed remedial work on the thatched roofs of the Backpackers at Mvezo.

Work completed to date by Cintsa Thatching at Mvezo Cultural Development reaches the the value of over R 5 000 000.00.