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"We finally did it! We converted our thatch to a tile roof using a product called onduvilla.

No dust, leaks, no more wind chill. Living in the windy City of Port Elizabeth we have serious wind previously gusting through the thatch (absolutely freezing in winter) we were forever living in fear of bush fires and lightning storms. Maintenance on the forever decaying Thatch is now a thing of the past.

Jonathan's crew have an amazing work ethic, we have tackled major renovations in the past but nothing on this scale and their workmanship is inspiring, clean, neat and steady.

Thank you for giving us a new home."

Colin & Helen Saunders
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

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Onduvilla Roofing

Onduvilla colour samplesOnduvilla is an elegant, lightweight tile, which is a premium product of the Onduline Group, in production since 1950.

The onduvilla tile is 106 x 40cm in size and is corrugated. The tiles are produced by applying extreme pressure to bitumen saturated organic fibres (totally asbestos free!). Installation of the onduvilla is often on wooden support structures.

Onduvilla is:

Onduvilla can be installed on new and existing, renovated roofs - it is suitable for conference centres, schools, government buildings, residential homes, lapas and more.

There is a 15 year guarantee on onduvilla tiles.

Onduvilla and Thatch Roofing

Onduvilla is a great roofing option for lightweight roof structures and conversions from thatch. Cinsa Thatching is the approved appilcator of Onduvilla roofing in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Similarly to thatch, Onduvilla is a premium roofing option.

Why does Onduvilla fit so well on a Roof Converted from Thatch?

Cintsa Thatching has been developing sytems to convert thatched roofs to onduvilla with minimal disruption to the building and home. The new roof is extremely attractive and requires minimal care and maintenance.

Applications of Onduvilla Roofing by Cintsa Thatching:

Onduvilla installed onto existing thatched roof structure


Thatch Roof Conversion to Onduvilla
Onduvilla can be installed onto the existing substructure of a thatch roof. The tile is flexible enough to follow the curves and contours of the roof keeping the aesthetics and lines of the design and meaning minimal alteration to the roof structure and building. Read more...



Onduvilla installed onto existing lapa structure


Lapa & Entertainment Areas in Onduvilla
Onduvilla is not only a premium roofing solution for large-scale buildings, it can be extremely effective for smaller structures such as lapas. In this case Cintsa Thatching can either build the structure from scratch, use the original thatch substructure, or adapt the structure to suit a new design. Read more...

Onduvilla installed onto adapted thatched roof substructure


Onduvilla on New Roof Structure
Cintsa Thatching can install onduvilla onto an existing symmetrical roof structure, can build the roof structure from scratch, or can adapt an old thatched roof substructure to create a straight edged, symmetrical roof shape. Read more...


For a quotation or advice on installing Onduvilla to your new or existing roof, call us on 082 780 5725 or email