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Onduline Roofing

Onduline is a flexible, lightweight, corrugated roof sheeting solution made from organic fibres saturated in bitumen and pressurised under extreme heat. Onduline has been in production and use since 1950 and was originally a product of France.

Onduline sheeting is available in four coloursOnduline roof sheeting is:

Onduline provides weather protection as well as thermal insulation even in extreme temperatures and conditions.

Unlike many corrugated roof products no asbestos is used in onduline resulting in a safe and lightweight roofing solution for both roof fitters and occupants of the house.

Onduline is suitable for both new roof construction and renovated roofs and is commonly installed on wooden, concrete and metal sub-structures.

Onduline Roofing and Thatch Roofing

Cintsa Thatching is the approved supplier and applicator of Onduline roofing in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The last few years have seen a big increase in the number of thatched house owners converting their roofs to onduline and onduvilla roofing.

Why change thatch roof to Onduline?

A Few Examples of Onduline and Thatch Roofing fitted by Cintsa Thatching

Onduline only

This school rondavel in the rural Eastern Cape was fitted with Onduline on a pole structure.
Onduline roofing, Eastern Cape South Africa Onduline roofing, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Onduline roofing and gutter system, South Africa Onduline roofing internal view, eastern cape, south africa

Onduline over-sheeting

This rural Eastern Cape hospital was fitted with Onduline over-sheeting over a leaking thatched roof.
Onduline oversheeting in South Africa Onduline oversheeting old thatch roof, eastern cape, south africaOnduline oversheeting on thatch roof Onduline bending to thatch roof when oversheeting Onduline roof - oversheeting, eastern cape, south africa Drainage valleys on onduline roof, south africa
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Onduline and Thatch Roofing Combined

This thatched roof fitted beautifully into the surrounds of the house but has problems with over hanging trees - the problem areas of the roof were fitted with onduline while the front of the roof was re-thatched - a great combination for a trouble free, beautiful roof.
Onduline, thatch combined roof Onduline and thatched roof, eastern cape, south africa Thatch and onduline combined on a roof, south africa

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